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  1. Initial and Date Down Pillow
  1. Hubby/Wifey Towel Set
  1. His/Her Towel Set
  1. Rectangle Gold Trimmed Tray with Handles
  1. Oval Baking Dish With Gold Beaded Edge
  1. Rectangle Baking Dish With Silver Beaded Edge
  1. Rectangle Silver Large Serving Tray with Beaded Edge
  1. silver beaded serving tray
  1. gold beaded serving tray
  1. Medium Oval Tray With Silver Edge
  1. cracker tray
  1. Medium White Bowl With Silver Edge
  1. Silver Accented Water Pitcher
  1. Gold Accented Water Pitcher
  1. Silver Pitcher with Gold Leaf Handle
  1. etched wine and juice glass
  1. etched highball and drinking glass
  1. Madison Blush Beverage Glass-Short
  1. madison blush tall beverage glass
  1. XOXO down pillow
  1. love Minnesota down pillow
  1. love pillow
  1. Personalized Wedding Apron
  1. mr and mrs ornament