Celebrating 25 Years - Time Flies

In 1998 Fleurish opened the doors, well technically the basement doors of our home to corporate gifting. We had teams of people that organized and created beautiful gifts for our clients all the while taking lunch breaks in our kitchen and the UPS man picking up boxes from the living room!

The years marched on while Tom and I were busy raising three kids. I became involved in so many school, church, and sports activities all while running a small business. So as Calli, Conor and Reilly grew so did Fleurish! A true retail store was opened in Wayzata in the fall of 2007 just in time for the Great Recession! Timing is everything. However, that challenge forced me to re-examine my plans and expand into other areas. Monogramming and stationery came on the scene as the idea of “personalization” grew.

So here we are today, 25 years later with a boutique store in downtown Excelsior, Minnesota. An amazing team of women still work at Fleurish. They work tirelessly to further the Fleurish brand, and I am forever grateful for their dedication and commitment.

As I look back and reflect on events that impact small businesses be it 9/11, recessions, or pandemics as well as gift trends, buying at markets and technology influences; one important goal has remained the same, above all else take care of your customers. Simply put, running a business is about the customer, it’s about the people. So, thank you for being our customer and
allowing Fleurish to help you with your gifting needs. We have so loved the stories that you have shared and feel honored that we may have played a small part in helping put together the perfect present for your occasion. Life is about the people you meet and the connections you make, and you are the BEST!

It’s time to celebrate 25 years!