As we dive into 2024...

We can always discuss weather in Minnesota and certainly the winter of 2024 is no exception! We have green grass in our front yards and people are jogging outside in shorts. Sadly, some of Excelsior’s fun winter events have been cancelled but the upside is maybe we will be boating in March!

As we dive into 2024, planning for Fleurish always begins with a trip to market and Atlanta was the winner again this year. The week consisted of appointments set up with reps and “to-do” lists in hand in an attempt to stay focused but…it is impossible! The showrooms (the largest wholesale collection of gifts in the world) are awash in amazing creative displays that include the entire line of products to see and touch. I love to meet the new entrepreneurs and see the innovative products they have created. Many of these products have give back programs that we will begin to highlight online and in store.

Barware continues to be a hot gift trend with specialty glassware leading the craze. At home mixologists including fancy mocktails will also be on the radar for 2024. The spotlight for color is peach, the Pantone color of the year and all its’ shades of pinks, blush and corals. At Fleurish, you can find amazing coupes, martini and champagne glassware in all these fabulous colors. It’s time to celebrate everyday living!

Our emphasis on self-care will continue to grow with many new products we will be featuring. Weighted eye masks, which help promote relaxation, a new line of luxury jewelry cleaner, a perfect gift for the new bride and sugar scrubs for both hands and bodies will be some of our new offerings. We will carry on with our made in Provence French line of body lotions and goats milk soaps which were ever so popular.

Speaking of French, with the Olympics in Paris this summer, anything French is so on trend. We will be bringing some of Paris to Excelsior in the coming months! Think charming, candles, woven baskets, marble in neutral colors and splashes of blues, greens and pinks. Stay tuned, it’s going to be fun!